Treatment centre

Complex spa treatment

The Mignon Hotel has its own treatment centre where you can follow a personalised treatment programme under the supervision of a doctor. A wide range of treatments are provided in modern and tastefully furnished rooms, such as peat, additive, bubble, carbonic and whirlpool baths, massages, Scottish spritzers, electrotherapy, hydroxer, sauna or paraffin. In addition to traditional treatments, we also offer gas injections, oxygen therapy, aroma massages and other wellness programs for your physical and mental well-being.

Relax stayings

A modern person is constantly exposed to a high workload, stress, unsuitable lifestyle and poor environment. All this leads to a weakening of the body's protective function and ultimately to various diseases: weight gain, deterioration of the skin, hair and nail quality, irritability and sleep disorders. The concepts of 'chronic fatigue', 'stress' and 'depression' have become part of the everyday life of modern man, leading to the development of various diseases and accelerated ageing.
Wellness treatments in our sanatorium contribute to overall relaxation, to maintaining good mental and physical condition and to achieving complete emotional and physical balance.

All Special offers

Whirlpool bath for upper limbs

Scottish shоwer



Instrumental lymphatic drainage

Natural carbonic bath

Underwater massage

Bubble bath with mineral water

Whirlpool bath for lower limbs

Peat (peat) wraps

Paraffin hand wraps





Gas injections

Dry co2 wrap

Classical total massage

Foot reflexology massage

Massage (classical, aromatic, lymphatic, hot stones, anticellulite, indian head, pregnancy)

Own balneocentre in the hotel

Oxygen Therapy